Company Profile

Hangzhou LongDe medical products limited company is a specialized manufacturer of national class III medical devices company, has passed the medical devices IS0900l quality system certification and Germany TUV CE certification of products and services. Our company is polymeric medical device industry Association Executive Director and Executive Director of the medical device industry association of Zhejiang province. Located in qianjiang economic development zone, covers an area of 30000 square meters, the floor space 37000 square meters, of which 100,000 class clean room area of nearly 8000 square meters. Production r area of 11000 square meters. The perfect supporting facilities, have an independent office, research, living areas and improve the supporting facilities. Our main products are disposable sterile syringes and dispensing apparatus, insulin syringes, oral feeding syringes , safety syringes and other consumables. Company production base of various types of advanced production equipment, high degree of automation, with 400 million doses of various specifications of single-use sterile syringes and needles of the specifications. After Goldfish  Group holding company, enterprise new washing machine plastic injection parts, water purifiers, humidifiers and other small appliances products line, for the development of LongDe adds more energy!